The Atlantic – China Is All About Sovereignty. So Why Not Ukraine’s? (2023)

Russia’s war has confronted Xi Jinping with a stark choice between standing for principle or defending his strategic partner in Moscow.

By: Michael Schuman

De Volkskrant – Op de verjaardag van de Nieuwe Zijderoute moet Xi Jinping zijn megaplan bijsturen (2023)

Hoe meer de Nieuwe Zijderoute van China na tien jaar de voltooiing nadert en zich ontwikkelt tot een geopolitiek instrument, des te groter wordt de argwaan. Bij het forum in Beijing, dat zaterdag begon, komt leider Xi Jinping waarschijnlijk met digitalisering als lokkertje.

By: Leen Vervaeke

Le Formiche – Usa-Cina, come andare oltre l’incontro all’Apec Summit. L’analisi di Carrai (2023)

Per Carrai (Nyu Shanghai), in un mondo ideale dopo l’incontro Biden-Xi i rapporti tra Stati Uniti e Cina migliorerebbero. Ma le relazioni sono troppo competitive e servirebbe molta volontà politica per cambiare il corso delle cose

By: Di Emanuele Rossi

France 24 – Le port de Colombo, nouveau terrain de jeu d’influence entre Pékin et Washington (2023)

Les États-Unis ont annoncé, mercredi, un investissement de 553 millions de dollars pour agrandir le port de Colombo au Sri Lanka. De quoi mettre un terme à l’image de chasse gardée chinoise de ce port sri lankais ? Sans aucun doute, un nouveau front pour la lutte d’influence à laquelle se livrent les deux grandes puissances en Asie du Sud.

By: Sébastian SEIBT

TI Observer – The US-led B3W vs. China’s BRI: Is there Going to be a Winner? (2022)

The Belt and Road initiative, the massive global infrastructure project led by China in 2013, is a project which has attracted great interest, debate, and controversy.

SAIS – The Looking Glass (2022)

The SAIS Review of International Affairs

The Looking Glass is the premier international relations podcast by The SAIS Review of International Affairs with support from The Foreign Policy Institute. Showcasing fresh, policy-relevant perspectives from professional and student experts, The Looking Glass is dedicated to advancing the debate on leading contemporary issues in world affairs.

Russia’s war has confronted Xi Jinping with a stark choice between standing for principle or defending his strategic partner in Moscow.

The New York Times – 中国回应G7基建计划,驳斥“债务陷阱”批评 (2022)

China rejects criticism as G7 countries plan an effort to counter its influence.

By: 王霜舟

l’Opinion – La souveraineté, un concept à géométrie variable pour la Chine (2022)

Pour justifier une bonne partie de ses actions et obtenir le soutien de son opinion publique, le gouvernement chinois évoque les menaces sur son intégrité territoriale. Et ça marche !

By: Claude Leblanc

South China Morning Post – Explainer | What is the CPTPP and why is China eager to join? (2022)

China submitted a formal application to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in September last year

Beijing says its application is consistent with efforts to reform and open up the economy, but it is unclear whether China can meet the trade pact’s standards

By: Kandy Wong

The B1M – Why China is Building Africa’s Railways (2021)

Africa is undergoing a railway renaissance – and it’s being built in large part by China.

From Nairobi to Mombasa and Addis Ababa to Djibouti, China is financing, designing and constructing railways that are transforming Africa’s transportation infrastructure.

By: Jaden Urbi